FREE from Mercedes – Retrofit Your 1990-2013 MB with Rescue Assist

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What is Rescue Assist? Fair question.

It’s a way for emergency responders to rapidly know the specifics of your car and It could save your life. Retrofitting is FREE from Mercedes and available for all models 1990 or newer. Keep reading to find out how.

On all Mercedes-Benz vehicles since November 1, 2013 Rescue Assist is an aid to first responders in the event of an accident. Mercedes understands that the scene of an accident is a place where any delays can be the difference between life and death. Rescue teams need all the information about your vehicle they can get to make sure a rescue proceeds smoothly and there is no further injury caused to you or them in a recovery situation.

Rescue Assist is a pair of QR code decals coded with specific information about your vehicle’s airbags, impact zones, seat belts, battery(ies), restraints, fuel tank, hybrid/electric drive cable locations and disconnect points, as well as other rescue related info. Using the QR code in conjunction with a smart phone or tablet a responder will be presented with all this critical information about your vehicle that could cause danger to the responders or vehicle occupants and how to mitigate the dangers.

The introduction of this digital rescue assistant is critical as vehicles become more complex, especially with electric drive systems. There have been incidents where responders have used jaws of life type rescue equipment on hybrid and electric drive vehicles and while cutting the car’s body to free occupants have been electrocuted because of cutting through power cables for the high voltage electric drive components.

By using the Rescue Assist App, available on both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play store and scanning the QR decal that is located on both the fuel filler flap as well as the driver’s door jam a responder is presented with not only a diagram of the vehicles hazardous systems but in many cases an interactive augmented reality or 3D visualization for your specific vehicle.

Retrofitting your 1990-2013 Mercedes with the appropriate QR decals is a simple process. Contact your dealer and ask them to order the appropriate decals for your year and model Mercedes. They will do this for free. The dealership will also install the decals at no cost or you can install them yourself. You will receive a card with two decals on it, in most cases a smaller one and larger one. The larger decal goes on the driver’s door jam where the vehicle capacity stickers are located. The smaller decal goes on the inside of your fuel flap where your tire pressure decal is.

It may be a simple decal but the data it provides in conjunction with the MB Rescue Assist App could mean the difference between life and death. Order yours from your Mercedes dealership today…it’s free after all, why not do it?

Images: Copyright Daimler AG

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