Seldom Seen Vintage Mercedes Racing Photos

Paris-Madrid (canceled in Bordeaux), 24.05.1903. Marius Barbarou (starting number 33) with a 60-hp Benz racing car on the long-haul between Paris and Bordeaux

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Mercedes-Benz has a lustrous racing history which spans back to nearly the dawn of the two companies, Benz & Cie (1883-1926) and Damiler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (1890-1926). The tradition of racing to improve the vehicles and prove their superiority has continued since the merger of the two companies in 1926. Below are some lesser seen images from Daimler’s historic archives.

German Automobile Week: First Herkomer Competition, 10 – 17.08.1905. Ed. Scharrer (start number 23) at the steering wheel on 40-PS Benz.
The first international race race, driven in Frankfurt am Main, 29.06.1900. Starter: Owner of Molitor. First: Willi Tischbein, followed by Lemercier, both drivers on de Dietrich. On the left, Liebieg’s patron at Nesselsdorf. Behind it Fritz Scarisbrick (2nd place) on 16-PS Benz. Right next to it – the later winner Mathias Bender on 20-PS Benz. After an oil painting by Emil Kneiss.
Benz & Cie trademark, 1904, showing an “Original Benz” logo encircled by a gearwheel
Prince Heinrich-Fahrt, 1911. His Majesty Prince Henry of Prussia places his own hand on the Benz car
Semmering race, 22.09.1907. Victor Héméry (starting number 72) with a 60-hp Benz touring car. Héméry takes 2nd place in the Touring Car class according to the Emperor’s formula.
Grand Prix of Macau, November 1956. Winner Douglas Steane at the wheel (start number 6) and Walter Sulke (Mercedes-Benz representative in Hong Kong) with a Mercedes-Benz Type 190 SL Touring Car


Article: Jason Burton
Images: Daimler AG

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