Find The Part You Need With the Mercedes-Benz Online Parts Catalog Obtaining the Part Number Saves Time and Headache When Ordering The Right Part

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You need a part. You may even have the old part in your hand. But how do you communicate the piece you need to your dealer, aftermarket parts house, ebay, wherever. With a part number. You’re not actually still calling the parts counter up and trying to describe to them what it is are you? Didn’t think so. Virtually every piece to your car has a Mercedes-Benz part number generally in addition to the OEM part number. Use them, makes everything easier.

So that’s it right? Get the part number and you’re all set? Pretty much. With one exception.

Sometimes, even if you have the part in hand with a part number on it you still need the part number. What? Yeah. See, on a trip once to Vance, Alabama, where Mercedes-Benz US International produces the ML / GLE, GLC, and C-Class among other models Mik and I were talking about production issues. While we were walking down the assembly line discussing this, he stopped mid-step, turned to me and said officially Mercedes does not have problems of course, we have abnormal situations.

These abnormal situations occasionally occur with parts and when they do a modification is made which often results in a part number being superseded with a new one. So even if you have the part you need in hand, right off your car, the current part number you need to order could very likely have been replaced, often multiple times, by a new one. So you don’t have the part number.

What’s the solution to all this? Few options:

  1. Spend lots of time at your dealer parts counter having them try to look up the part while you twiddle your thumbs.
  2. Buy a subscription to the EPC (Electronics Part Catalog) from Mercedes. Works great, but costs money and if you’re not using it 5 times a day it’s probably not worth it.
  3. THE SOLUTION. Use the link below to a free MB online parts catalog. Figure out the part number yourself and once you have it you can shop it around, find the best price and know you are getting the exact piece you need. It’s that easy. 

Mercedes-Benz Online Parts Catalog

Here are a few screen shots of the type of information that can be found using a parts catalog. You can see how this takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out the part you need. Best of all whether your Mercedes is a Car, Truck, Van, Bus, Unimog, Smart, or MB Trac this tool’s got your back.

Images: Mercedes-Benz Teilekatalog

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