The Straight Dope From Mercedes-Benz on How to Service Your Car

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The info here isn’t some big secret. Everyone and their brother will give you advice on what you should be doing to “properly” service your car. The things that should be done…and shouldn’t, if you want to see the sixth digit of the odometer click past 1, 2, 3, or more. The advice and misadvise floating around is massive. Use synthetic oil. No. Use conventional oil. Ok but…whatever you do don’t use X weight oil. How often should it be changed? 3K, 5K, 10K, 15K?!?

What filters need to be changed? Do they ever need to be changed? When should they be changed? Is there even a filter to change?

What about the spark plugs?

The transmission fluid?

It’s a mystery right? The only way we know is by turning to internet forums where people who somehow have acquired insider knowledge share this stuff. Or before internet forums at family gatherings, like Thanksgiving, where Uncle Bob who’s got 176,000 miles on his old Buick will fill you in on the secrets, that if followed will enable you to also achieve results like his.

If only there was someone you could trust. Someone who has spent their career working on cars, with an engineering degree, that has spent thousands of hours messing with it has no interest other than wanting your car to live a long life. Someone who you would trust enough to drive a car if they built one.

There is.


Service am über 300 km/h schnellen Mercedes-Benz C 111-III Dieselrekordwagen auf dem italienischen Hochgeschwindigkeits-Ovalkurs von Nardo. Das Turbodiesel-Aggregat leistet mit knapp 169 kW/230 PS fast dreimal so viel wie der Serienmmotor OM 617, auf dem er basiert.

Mercedes for decades now has provided specific guidelines on servicing your car. They want you to know how to properly service your car. The engineers have run thousands of tests and have determined what is needed to keep your car optimal. You don’t need to second guess it. While you can certainly do more, there really isn’t a need with typical use. If you are going to use the car for activities beyond what its design intent was then perhaps some modifications to the recommendations are necessary…for 99.9 percent of us that’s not the case.

You admire Mercedes products and the engineering that goes into them. Trust the same engineers that built your car to let you know how to service your car. Use the link below to download your Maintenance Manual or Service Booklet, straight from Mercedes-Benz. Learn exactly what service you need to do and what products need to be used to keep your pride and joy running well for a very long time to come.

Download the maintenance manual for your MB

Images: Copyright Daimler AG

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